Originally he had been transferred from the second to the third team of Sportfreunde Kollerbach, but then slipped back short – and advanced here with five goals in the 7: 0 the sports fans Kollerbach II on the SV Schnappach in the district league Saarbrucken to match winner: Vincent Schultes weekend took after initial disappointment but still a very positive course.

“Actually,” admits the Ur-Kollerbacher, “I already had to swallow when I got the information on Friday that I should either play 90 minutes in the third team or sit in the second team first on the bench.” Finally Schulte had completed the complete preparation even in the first set, which is, after all, represented in the Saarland league. From there should gather at the weekend but some again in the reserve-Eleven match practice. “That’s why we had to rotate staff,” reports Francesco Notarrigo, coach of Kollerbach II.

“The transitions between our three senior teams are fluid. If someone has to work in a lower team, it has nothing to do with degradation. We are a club, “notes Christoph Bernardi, player-coach of the settled in the A-class Saarbr├╝cken K├Âllerbacher third parties.


"The hat-trick in the second half, then even appeared in headlines in various media reports - normally costs me the three crates of beer"

“Because I like playing rather than sitting on the bench, I decided on the third party,” says Schulte. But then there were personal problems with the sports friends. That’s why the attacking midfielder even made it to the starting line-up of the second.

Somehow, the 23-year-old was inspired by this short-term internal rise: “From the beginning, I realized that it is going really well.” In the duel with Schnappach he opened the scoring in the 30th minute, quickly had two other very good options , Until the break it was 3: 0. After the break there was no stopping for Schulte, he contributed four more hits. “There are days when everything works out. That was one of those, “he looks back at last Sunday with a big grin.

He has already got to know the downsides of footballer life: In the Hinserie he had to fit a while because of persistent knee problems. Now Vincent Schulte is happy to have set an exclamation point in the second team of the approximately 500-member club, which is located near the state capital of Saarbrucken. The five goals cost him but also a lot of money: “The hat-trick in the second half, then even in various media reports even appeared in headlines – normally costs me three crates of beer.” The first he donated on Sunday in the cabin. Much to the delight of his teammates.


Although he has not yet written off a return to the first set, where he had last seen two appearances in 2015/16, he also knows that “it will be very difficult to slip in there again – the competition is enormous”. From the footballing potential, Francesco Notarrigo trusts him to the Saarland league. “Vincent is a great boy. Sometimes he is on the court but too sweet, has to be more robust in the duels. ”

But if Schulte continues to trumpet so accurately, there will be no way around him.

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