No football game goes like the other, and with all the game philosophy, a team should never be so easy to see through, that the opponent knows what to expect. The true quality of a team is the sum of its individual players. And that is not meant exclusively in terms of their footballing skills. Character differences are also important. Sometimes it takes the quiet folder, which steers the game in the right lanes. Sometimes, but also just the crusher who goes with his head through the wall and a lost believed almost alone in the shoot.

In order for all types of players in the team network to come into their own and the restrained in the whirlwind of the extroverted creator does not set, it requires a very individual approach by the coach! This is a real challenge when it comes to team leadership: In the same situation, one type of player needs a rebuke or loud motivation, while the other one wants reassurance and calm. In our article, we introduce four common types of players and describe how to deal with them properly.

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