Marco Reus returns to the field 259 days after suffering from an ankle ligament, which he suffered in the Cup final against Frankfurt! The German international had to cope in his career already some health setback. He missed the World Cup 2014, the EURO 2016 and the Confederation Cup 2017 due to injury. This time the 28-year-old worked eight months for his comeback, a very hard time: “It was extremely difficult in the beginning and it’s really brutal for a footballer if you’re out for eight months, especially the first two or three months are tough if your comeback is still far off. ”

You really have to take the hat off to Reus, with what discipline and confidence he always manages to fight back, and then deliver services, as if he had never been injured. What action should be taken immediately after a knee injury, and what can be done to minimize the risk of injury in general, explains the contribution.


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