Former Bundesliga side Alemannia Aachen of the Regionalliga West has now honored his honorary president Leopold Chalupa (90), a retired four-star general and former commander in chief of NATO forces, with the club’s honorary ring. The tradition duel between the two former Bundesliga Rot-Weiss Oberhausen and Alemannia Aachen was postponed by two hours due to weather conditions, the SC Wiedenbruck can fall back in the match against Rot-Weiss Essen back on national player Viktor Maier and the SV Rodinghausen renounced his future third team, which plays so far in the Kreisliga A.

Honorary President since 2014: Former Bundesliga club Alemannia Aachen has honored his Honorary President Leopold Chalupa with the club’s honorary ring. As part of a ceremony in the White Hall of the Aachen City Hall, Alemannia President Dr. Ing. Martin Frohlich the honor ring to the retired four-star general (highest officer grade of the generals grade group) and former commander in chief of the NATO armed forces, who had led the Alemannia from 1990 to 1992 as president. Since 2014, the now 90-year-old Chalupa honorary president of the traditional club. “Leopold Chalupa is an outstanding personality. He has done much in his career for reconciliation between peoples. As President, he has taken over the Alemannia in a situation that – as in previous years – threatened the existence. He managed to lead Alemannia Aachen into better waters. Therefore, he is a role model for us “, honored successor Fröhlich the life achievement of the 90-year-old honorary president. After Dr. Karl Moll, Josef Hirtz, Jacob Goll and Leo Führ is Leopold Chalupa only the fifth bearer of the honor ring. Chalupa: “This is an honor for me. I have always been with my heart. “In addition to Chalupa, over 60 members were honored for their many years of membership in the club. Dr. Martin Fröhlich: “This day has a high priority. All the honorees have been associated with the Alemannia for decades. “Edgar Cremer and Josef Schmitz were even honored for 75 and 80 years of membership.

Two hours more sunshine: The traditional duel between the two former Bundesliga clubs Rot-Weiß Oberhausen and Alemannia Aachen, scheduled for Saturday, will be kicked off at 4 pm – two hours later than previously planned. Background is the current weather with minus temperatures at night. The weather forecasts suggest that the square in the stadium Niederrhein will be frozen on Saturday morning. Due to the delayed kick-off time, the RWO officials hope that the pitch will be thawed and more playable by two hours of more sunshine.

National player back in the squad: The SC Wiedenbruck can fall back in the game against Rot-Weiss Essen on Saturday (from 14 clock) on his achievers Viktor Maier. The 27-year-old offensive player and national player of Kyrgyzstan (eleven caps) has served his yellow card suspension in the match at Alemannia Aachen (0-3). Attackers Tammo Harder and midfielder Carsten Strickmann, who did not play in Aachen due to flu, are also expected to return. Also outside striker Maximilian Müller (hamstring) and center-back Tristan Duschke (Beckenprellung) were not in the Aachen Tivoli Stadium from the party. Whether the duo against RWE is ready for use is not certain yet. Definitely missing is the SC Wiedenbruck midfielder Yannick Geisler. The former junior player of Rot-Weiss Essen saw the fifth yellow card in Aachen and thus missed the duel against his former club.

"At the time, he managed to put Alemannia Aachen in a better position. Therefore he is a role model for us "

No Kreisliga team anymore: SV Rodinghausen will not announce a third team for the new season. The team of the coaching duo with Michel Ciomber and Danny Bendig is currently ranked on the 13th place in the county league A and still has 13 games to complete there. “The big differences between the leagues have made it increasingly difficult for us to find local and regional players for the team, which has contributed to this decision. Many foreign players lacked rooting in the community, which is why there was unfortunately little interest in the team, “says SVR board member Gerhard Schiermeier. While the first team since 2014 in the Regionalliga West at the start, the U 23 has risen to the sechstklassige Westfalenliga, thus playing three classes higher than the “third”.

Retzperre dismissed: captain Mario Erb is front-runner KFC Uerdingen in the encounter against taillight Westfalia Rhynern on Saturday (from 14 clock) again available. The 27-year-old central defender and former German junior international was last in the game at SG Wattenscheid (3: 3) still red-locked. Erb is a former second and third division professional. For Alemannia Aachen, the defensive specialist came six times in the lower house used. In the 3rd league there are 200 appearances (including Aachen, U23 of FC Bayern Munchen and Rot-Weib Erfurt).

Mohr and Torunarigha miss longer: Alemannia Aachen fights on Wednesday evening (19 clock) in the Middle Rhine Cup quarter-finals at the country’s division SV Rott for the entry into the round of the last four teams, wants to save the chance of a place in the DFB Cup with a victory , Alemannia head coach Fuat Kilic hopes that he will be able to call on the recently defeated center-back Karim Kucharzik. Captain Nils Winter will be back in the team in one to two weeks. For a bit longer, Tobias Mohr (back problems / bruise) and Junior Torunarigha (hamstring in the calf) have to be patient. In the league, the Alemannia won four times in a row and climbed to third place in the table.

Second leg before the first leg: Bastian Muller is fit again at SC Verl. The 26-year-old defender came back on Saturday in the match against his former club Fortuna Dusseldorf U23 (0: 1) already used after he had previously suspended because of flu with the training. Regular goalkeeper Robin Bruseke (24) was also suffering from flu. For the final man it was enough against the Dusseldorf youngsters not yet for a mission. He was represented by Sebastian Lange. In the encounter at Borussia Dortmund’s U 23 on Sunday (starting at 3 pm), SCV coach Guerino Capretti is likely to return to Bruseke. The “return match” against BVB will – if the weather plays along – rather than the actual first leg of Matchday 6 in Verl, which had already been postponed four times and for which there is still no new date fixed.

Brosch is longer: On attacker Janik Brosch (25) SV Roodinghausen must do without in the next few weeks. The striker drew in the test against the Nord-Regionalligisten VfV Borussia 06 Hildesheim (3: 0) to a ligament injury. “Janik will miss four to six weeks,” says SVR coach Alfred Nijhuis. Right-back Nico Knystock, on the other hand, is back in training for his groin problems.

Without Lenz to Wiedenbruck: Marcel Lenz, goalkeeper at Rot-Weiss Essen, had in the final training before the game against the Bonn SC (0: 1) suffered a hamstring in the thigh, so could not be used. For him, Robin Heller returned between the RWE posts. RWE coach Argirios Giannikis: “I assume that Marcel will miss the upcoming match on Saturday at SC Wiedenbruck.”

Starting shot for action “map godfathers”: For the game against Rot-Weib Oberhausen on April 7, promoted KFC Uerdingen has now launched the action “Kartenpaten”. The idea behind it: Companies, companies, clubs and institutions can use the reach and the network of the KFC to successfully and professionally promote themselves. Until April 4, Uerdingen offers seat tickets for the RWO game cheaper. It can be selected from several ticket packages. However, the cards may not be resold, but only released as part of an action free of charge – for example, as an event for their own employees, as a customer campaign or as a gift to schools, clubs or institutions.

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